Sunday, 8 July 2018

Tribute to Nissan Bluebird

All seems to have been forgotten about the brand of car called Nissan Bluebird. This is one car that made name for Nissan automobile because it was well known for its ruggedness and durability.
In those days when people talk about Toyota corolla, the next car that readily comes to mind was Nissan Bluebird. They were rivals in all ramifications. Today, we know what Toyota corolla looks like. It has undergone several modifications to become one of Toyota’s pride of car. Same cannot be said about Nissan Bluebird.
For close to 2 decades now, am yet to see a new model of this car. The last manufactured model of this car was in 1996/97. This particular model can still be seen on the road today. In fact, I know of somebody who used the 1986/87 model of this car for close to 20 years After laying aside this very car, he still went ahead to buy the 1996/97 model of this very car and he is still using it till date. That shows how rugged and durable this car is.
All other brands of Nissan cars have undergone modifications year in year out. Brands like Nissan Altima, Primera, Almera, Pathfinder, Xterra, frontier, etc all have their new models plying the roads. Where then is Nissan bluebird new model? We yearn to see a new model of this car being produced. Nissan automobile please take note!
The old models of Nissan Bluebird are available in saloon and wagon categories.    

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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Limitations of contemporary computers

Modern day computers are a product of technology advancement which is very good. But these computers from my own experience with them have some limitations. 

Though, some of these limitations are there in order to prevent consumers from altering default settings/installations from the manufacturers but I think manufacturers ought to put into consideration that some consumers may not be satisfied with some of these factory settings/installations and want to customize to suit their purpose. This “customization” may also include downgrading into a lower version of windows operating system. That is exactly where am heading to. 

A couple days back a client brought a lap top to me. This laptop was HP i5 Series; a very good system with a fantastic speed but the client complained bitterly about a challenge he was facing with the system. He was experiencing crazy consumption of internet data by the system. He could exhaust N8000 worth of data in 3 days without downloading. Quite surprising! I suggested system downgrade to him but that was the beginning of my adventure.  
I started the downgrading process but on getting to the hard disk section with a click on the next button a dialog box popped up saying “this hard disk is GPT partitioned therefore, windows can’t be installed on it”. Anyway I got that solved and successfully downgraded the system from windows 8 to windows vista.
 On booting to desktop I discovered that none of the system’s driver was active. Including the universal serial bus controller(USB). That was strange! I began drivers installation but to my amusement, none worked. Strange again! I went online still no solution. I spent the whole day on that system with no head way.
The next day I went online to HP official website to check the profile of that system. It was stated clearly that available compatible drivers for the system are only windows 8 oriented. WHY? I think there should be some flexibility.

This is just one out of the numerous limitations that I have pointed out.

……………………………...more revelations yet to come. See ya!

Friday, 6 July 2018

New innovation to handy computers

Rolltop, as the name goes, is a foldable device that forms a cylindrical shaped entity when closed and when opened, it can be re-sized into different devices such as laptops, ipad/tablets, LCD monitors or TV screen etc.

Pen Touch screen
17 inch screen
Web cam
Loud speakers
USB port
Power cord
Space saving
Light weight
Easy mobility amongst others.

rolltop computer systemrolltop computer system